About #FJL

Welcome to the Feminist Justice League.

Created by a group of Texas activists in the wake of the passage of Texas House Bill 2, this site is meant to serve as an action hub to build upon the momentum of the Feminist ArmyStand With Texas Women, and related movements. Like our league, our name* is feminist; it is trans-inclusive, ally-inclusive, and does not reduce women to an assumed reproductive capacity. It centers on justice, signaling our self-consciousness as one part of an intersectional social justice movement. This name suggests collective action, voluntary participation, a lack of hierarchy, and, of course, badassery and superhero powers. That’s right. There will be capes.

Take a moment to explore the site. Expect to see:

  • FJL Locals, regional pages for meet-ups and action, with calendars;
  • What Can I Do?, suggestions and resources for a broad range of actions you can take today;
  • Hall of Shame, to shine the harsh light of truth on those who push an anti-choice agenda;
  • The Unruly Blog, publishing real stories, features, investigations, and more;

…and much, much more. 

FJL belongs to you.

We’re not appointing ourselves as ‘in charge’ of a movement; we’re more interested in supporting the movement that inspired us to create this site. We are creating a set of tools for all those in the struggle for a more just future — a hub for information and action. In aid of this goal, we’re reaching out to community activists and organizers to take on roles contributing to and maintaining the site, for a richer resource that reflects a broad range of perspectives. We are especially interested in working with organizers and activists of color and Spanish-speaking activists, as leaders, administrators, volunteers, and allies. If this speaks to you, let’s talk!

We are committed to being intentionally diverse and explicitly intersectional. Anyone who chooses to work for reproductive rights, social justice, and liberation under other auspices should know that those of us rallying under the #FJL banner are in solidarity.

To volunteer, or for more information, email us.

#FJL From Texas, Worldwide.

*suggested by Houstonian Megan Walter

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