Is Buying Used Golf Balls a Smart Move?

Golf has been dubbed by some as the rich man’s sport, and there might be some truth to that claim. Typically, the equipment required in golf costs a lot and golf balls are no exception. An average box of brand new balls costs around $22 and more advanced balls usually cost more. But there is a way for thrifty golf enthusiasts to save money without quitting golf. And that could be done by buying recycled or used golf balls.

Getting quality balls for an affordable price

Golf BallsIt is only normal for people to think that a used ball wouldn’t be as excellent as a new one. But that notion does not consider what happens in golf. In the sport, a golf ball could land in the water and might not be easily found by the original owner. Owners of these lost balls could persistently look for such balls, but a number of them don’t bother to do so. And that is where used balls come from. A number of people salvage these balls and sell them for a heavily discounted price.

By buying a bunch of used balls, you can save a lot of your money without sacrificing quality. A used golf ball could cost you just a quarter, while a new one could cost you as much as two dollars. Now imagine buying a dozen used balls for only 10 dollars compared to buying brand new balls for 50 dollars. Such a deal is definitely a smart bargain. And unlike other balls, a used golf ball typically can still have the qualities of a new golf ball. A golf ball salvaged immediately after a day would probably be as good as a newly made one. And when you lose a used golf ball on the course, you won’t regret losing it since it only cost you a fraction its original cost.

Recycled golf ball dealers

Buying a bunch of used golf balls is surely a smart move, but it is also important to make sure that you buy from a trustworthy used golf ball dealer. Instead of manually searching for used balls around town, you could search the internet for great bargain deals. You would likely find branded recycled balls which still look appealing and useful. To further ensure that you do pick high quality balls, try searching for customer testimonials of online golf ball dealers. Doing so will give you an idea if a recycled golf dealer sells newly recovered and high quality balls.

Several grades of used balls

Now that you are aware of the benefits of used balls and where to buy them, here is a short description of their grading. There are four main classifications of golf balls mainly categorized according to their condition and usage.

•AAAA Grade

Also called a mint golf ball, an AAAA Grade used golf ball has the appearance and “feel” of a newly made golf ball. As such, it is nearly in perfect playing condition.

•AAA Grade

Also referred to as Grade 1 used balls, AAA grade used balls are lightly used and may have some surface discoloration. Some of these balls even have ink marks on them. Even so, an AAA Grade ball could still fly as high as a brand new golf ball.

•AA Grade

Also called Grade 2 balls, AA Grade used balls are usually in excellent playable condition, but some may be heavily discolored and have scuffs. These balls could be good only for practice sessions as their performance could have been affected by cuts or creases.

•Premium used balls

These balls are the cheapest among the used balls as they are usually those used in ranges. Usually, these balls are best for players who love to hit balls out of the range.

By buying used golf balls, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot just to play golf. And if you are a novice player, buying such balls, especially those of lower grades, is surely a smart move. You won’t have to be bothered if you lose a ball or two in your games. If you are an experienced golfer, buying a high grade used golf ball would save you some considerable amount of money since you could buy lightly used balls for extremely affordable prices.

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